About us

Epic Journey was created to bring Sustainability to the Masses. To expose Sustainable Practices and Principles, in order to reveal their Inherent Beauty to the Entire World. It will be an Epic Journey from a Non-Sustainable World to a Sustainable World. A key factors in creating a Sustainable World is Awareness. Once Critical Mass is reached a Sustainable World Culture will be inevitable. So with our Love for the Planet, Art, and Fashion Epic Journey was born.

Our Shirts

Our shirts have been specifically designed to catalyze positive change wherever  they go. Organic, Recycle and Solar Power are all fundamental principles of a sustainable world. Principles that will ensure a safe, healthy home for our children as they grow up and inherit this Planet. These shirts are mobile advertisements for Planet Earth. By supporting Epic Journey you are supporting our planet. Clothes should do more than keep you warm or out of jail for indecent exposure. They should have meaning. Epic Journey Tee’s have a true function of education and raising awareness about important issues we face as a species. Have courage. Promote Progress. Wear an Epic Journey Tee and make a difference.

Fair + Organic

Our Organic Apparel is created with Organic Cotton in fair work environments. Fair work environments are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard organization, a regulatory body which is the most comprehensive international standard for organic textile processing and manufacturing. GOTS goes beyond certifying that fiber that went into our goods was grown in accordance with organic agricultural practices, it ensures that the entire manufacturing process adheres to a strict set of globally accepted standards.

Luckily, Technology Evolves

Direct-to-garment ink-jet printing is a new invention, but the technology allows for a more sustainable print method when compared to traditional screen-printing with plastisol inks. Our direct-to-garment printing process uses only clean and safe water-based inks.

Organic & Non-Organic

Most of our shirts are made from 100% Organic Cotton, but not all. Here at Epic Journey we realize that today Organic, and Non-Organic must learn to co-exist Peacefully. Since Organic is by far the most healthy choice for Humans and the Earth, we look forward to the day when Organic is our only option.

Currently we print on shirts from many different sources. The more we support Organic Cotton Production the more financially viable it will become, and the more our suppliers will expand their Organic Cotton Products. Some products are not offered in Organic or are simply too challenging to get in Organic as of now so we offer them in Non-Organic. Our hope is to one day have only Organic Products, until then we will embrace what is.

Epic Giving

One of our goals is to support global sustainability and local community development, therefore Epic Journey donates a percentage of each month’s sales to a charitable foundation or community project. You can see a list of our donations here.

If you have a suggestion for a charitable foundation or community project send us an email at:  EpicGiving@ThisEpicJourney.com

– Epic Journey