Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. Kiva is a micro financing organization that lends small loans to Entrepreneurs in developing countries. The great thing about Kiva is that once you lend and they pay you back, you can re-lend the money and the contribution can be exponential.

Kiva empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe. By combining microfinance with the internet, Kiva is creating a global community of people connected through lending.

Kiva was born of the following beliefs:

  • People are by nature generous, and will help others if given the opportunity to do so in a transparent, accountable way.
  • The poor are highly motivated and can be very successful when given an opportunity.
  • By connecting people we can create relationships beyond financial transactions, and build a global community expressing support and encouragement of one another.

Kiva promotes:

  • Dignity: Kiva encourages partnership relationships as opposed to benefactor relationships. Partnership relationships are characterized by mutual dignity and respect.
  • Accountability: Loans encourage more accountability than donations where repayment is not expected.
  • Transparency: The Kiva website is an open platform where communication can flow freely around the world.

As of November 2009, Kiva has facilitated over $100 million in loans.

To learn more about Kiva and its mission, click Here:

If you know of a cause or charity we should give money to, please send us a message.

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