Our Journey

The initial idea to create Educational Sustainability Art came to me while sitting in my Renewable Energy course in Fairfield Iowa. Our instructor Lonnie Gamble made it so clear that a sustainable world culture was not only completely achievable, but that it wasn’t even that complicated. I realized then that if more people knew about sustainable technologies, how easy they were to implement, and the profound impact they already have on our planet it would only be a matter of time before we hit critical mass and co-created a healthy abundant world together. Unfortunately the course ended, a new one began and the idea drifted out into the ocean of new ideas that occupied my mind.

Fast forward to two years later, I’m working on a farm in Italy preparing to visit my Italian relatives for the first time. It was wonderful working on a farm, though I would have liked to have spent more time exploring Europe. The farm gig was a work exchange, and if I had more money I would have seen more and experienced more of Europe’s rich, diverse culture. I spent 70 days in Europe (which much of the time was spent working on Organic or Bio-Dynamic Farms) and decided it was time to create my own company to spread awareness about sustainability, and fund my traveling and philanthropic endeavors.

Contact us: StayAwesome@thisepicjourney.com